The three of us met at UNC Wilmington where Rocco and Wells ran track. Wells and Kelly met soon after and were instant soul mates.  We kept busy since college but were reunited by the idea to open Tama Cafe that was local-coffee-shop in spirit but with a tea focused menu.  Spending time in our cafe meant we were always balancing our need for a caffeine with hydration. Drinking tea and sparkling water back-to-back led to a crazy idea - Let’s make sparkling tea!  We did just that, craft brewing organic green tea with real fruit and herbs like fresh lavender petals and mango slices. We initially made this product that we are proud of for ourselves and close friends and are stoked to share it with you.  We hope that you enjoy our sparkling tea as much as we do!

Giving Back with

Living in a coastal community, we are so lucky to have amazing beaches right in our backyard. We donate a Penny from every can sold to  With the help of volunteers, their mission is to protect public access, promote responsible use and preserve the traditions of Masonboro Island. To learn more about their amazing events and education programs, visit