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Q: I’ve never tried Tama Tea. Is it for me?
A: We’re going to let you answer your own question with a series of questions. Quizzes are fun right?! If you answer YES to all five of the following, YES is your answer. Ready? Go! Do you have a mouth? Do you get thirsty sometimes? Do you want more energy? Do you want to be healthier in general? Did you just take our test? Yes. The answer is yes. Loud. And. Clear.

Q: Is it good for me?
A: One thousand percent. Like Lady Gaga, we could give you a million reasons but we’ll spare you and keep it to the basics. Green tea is packed with antioxidants which help boost your immune system. It’s also full of L-theanine. It’s an antiviral agent. It burns fat. It lowers stress. It gives you energy. It reduces high blood pressure. It protects your lungs. It prevents bad breath (lucky for your girlfriend!). It helps rejuvenate your skin. It keeps you hydrated. It helps fight cancer. It’s… science. Oh, and our teas get their sparkle from sparkling spring water which helps keep you hydrated. Plus, we never ever use artificial anything when we brew!

Q: Hold up. What the heck is L-Theanine?
A: Check it out! L-theanine is an amino acid the human body doesn’t produce on it’s own because it doesn’t need it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t want it! Lucky for us (and all who enjoy our products), this amino acid is found naturally in green tea! Research shows L-theanine affects the levels of the feel-good chemicals — serotonin and dopamine — in the brain. In other words, consuming green tea may lead to a better mood, elevated focus, improved sleep, reduced blood pressure, less stress and even potential weight loss. You’re welcome!

Q: How does green tea boost my immune system?
A: Okay. Put your nerd glasses on. We’ll be here for a minute. Polyphenols and flavonoids are what scientists, doctors and other smart people like to call disease-fighting antioxidants. Our green tea is crafted from whole leaves which contain flavonoids called catechins (usually degraded during the fermentation process of black tea). These are healthy bioactive compounds proven to help protect your cells from damage through their antimicrobial properties. Consuming catechins allows your body to metabolize and potentially treat or prevent infections. Throw that old apple-a-day adage out the window. It’s tea time!

Q: How much caffeine is in each can?
A: Get this. A 12-oz can of Coca Cola contains 34mg of caffeine. Tama Tea has 45mg. Boo-yah! We just one-upped you, Coke!

Q: In four words, why I should try Tama Sparkling Green Tea?
A: All good. No guilt.

Q: Do you use organic green tea leaves?
A: We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Q: When’s the best time to drink green tea?
A: Anytime you’re breathing. Ha! We’re almost kidding! Unless you have trouble sleeping, any time is tea time in our books. If you’re drinking Tama to prevent dehydration, drink it after breakfast. For weight loss, try before bedtime. If you’re looking for a full-body detox, sip on your tea throughout the day. And, yes you’ll still reap all of the benefits no matter what time you pop the top.

: There are a million teas out there. Why Tama? Elevator speech, please!
A: Let’s lay out the facts. Our teas naturally contain zero sugar, zero calories, zero artificial ingredients and the same amount of caffeine as a soda. Each flavor contains only four to five ingredients because we like to keep it real. Our unique flavors are brewed with real fruits and herbs in small batches and people say we’re nice.



Q: I was pretty thirsty when I placed my order. When will you ship the goods?
A: We hear that! All orders ship Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays within the United States. Processing time usually takes one business day and orders will arrive within four business days from when the order is processed.

Q: Patience isn’t my strong suit. What’s your E-TEA-A?
A: When your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation email. The majority of our orders are shipped within one business day after the order has been placed. Your email will contain shipment details, your tracking number and a link to the selected carrier site. To track the order, click on the tracking number located in the e-mail. Bah-dah-bing! Bah-dah-boom!


Customer Support & Exchanges

Q: Hello. It’s me, Karen. I have a few questions for the manager…
A: Hey, Karen. Talk to us! We’re here for you at

Q: Hate to do it but I may need to return my order. Is that possible?
A: Unfortunately due to the weight of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges via mail but we do have a few ideas for you — housewarming gifts, pool party drink mixers, free weights for the home gym.



Q: Asking for a friend. So I know some people who know some people who own this restaurant and I’m so over soda and beer. As their number one customer, I suggested they put Tama on the menu, where should I point them?

A: Consider yourself fam, honey. We appreciate your asking! We can totally make that happen for you. Just send the owners of the restaurant or retail space here (link to WHOLESALE page) and we’ll take it from there!

Background Check

Q: I like to know who I’m supporting when I make purchases. Who are the founders of Tama Tea?

A: Hi! We’re Kelly (Tama Mama), Wells and Rocco. Nice to meet you! Meet us here (link to About us page).

Q: How did Kelly earn the nickname Tama Mama?
A: While Tama Tea was co-founded by a team of three, the boss lady of the trio was the one who came up with the concept for the original Tama Tea flagship cafe. The idea for the cafe came to Kelly while sitting in a coffee shop, working on her MBA. Every third person who walked into the shop ordered tea, but they paid a pretty penny for a sub-par product. She thought, “there’s got to be a better way to do this — a place where all these people can get quality tea for a fair price.” Soon enough, Tama Cafe was born.


Tama Mama’s boots weren’t just made for walking though. Kelly loves boating, flying and adventuring too. So how was this boss babe going to enjoy her tea while traveling? Simple. What Mama wants, Mama gets. Kelly wanted a caffeinated beverage that was travel-friendly, hydrating and healthy with the caffeine of a soda, without the calories and sugar. So Mama made it happen (with her business partners, of course!).

Q: Hey, Kelly! What’s it like working with your soul mate/husband (Wells)?
A: It’s naturally sweet just like our teas. (Wink-face emoji)

Q: Wait. What’s a Tama?
A: We think you mean WHO is Tama?! Let’s hit the history books, kids! Let’s go way back all the way to the 1500s where we meet Tamatea (one word) who was one of New Zealand’s greatest explorers. Yup, son of a viking. That’s street cred if we’ve ever heard street cred! This dude was a true waterman who circumnavigated islands of the North and South as well as inland which is why some have described him as the Māori Marco Polo. If you’re a history buff, we definitely think Tamatea is worth a quick Google gander. Here, this will be fun! Copy and paste this word into the search bar: Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­o­tamatea­turi­pukakapiki­maunga­horo­nuku­pokai­whenua­kitanatahu. Yes, it’s a real word! It’s a place that refers to a hill Tamatea stumbled across while playing the flute. Fun facts.

Q: I like the sound of all three flavors. How do I choose just one?!
A: Well, let’s do some math. We think you should try all three so we always suggest our Tama Trio for anyone who hasn’t done the taste test. You do get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 though so if you’re really feeling yourself, why not go for one 12-pack of each?

Q: I’m like trying to get on this health kick and I think Tama is step one but I’m also pinching my pennies. Do you have any discounts?
A: Sure thing! We always offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50. So there’s that. Not enough? Sign up to receive our emails HERE and follow us on the Gram @tamateaco so that you’ll be the first to hear about any special savings we offer down the road.


In 2015 we opened a cafe with the mission of improving how we live. Over the past 7 years, we’ve launched products, opened cafes, had terrible ideas, and few good ones along the way.

Although our offering is different today than it was in 2015, we’ve never given up on our mission to create healthy drink. And our journey doesn’t end here. 

Just like chasing the perfect wave, or an endless summer, we’ll keep innovating products that help you be the best version of yourself, in the healthiest way possible. 

Giving Back with

Living in a coastal community, we are so lucky to have amazing beaches right in our backyard. We donate a Penny from every can sold to  With the help of volunteers, their mission is to protect public access, promote responsible use and preserve the traditions of Masonboro Island. To learn more about their amazing events and education programs, visit