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Think of it as natural jet fuel.

Natural Energy

With 120mg of caffeine, pick your caffeine level, crack open a cold one, and enjoy. 

Keto, Paleo GF and Vegan

Tama is made without sweeteners, preservatives or concentrates and fits any diet. 


Power through your day with Nootropics. Find the best and most focused version of yourself.

Sparkling Spring Water

Brewed with natural spring water for a clean taste and maximum hydration

5 Ingredients or less with 120mg of natural energy

Nutritional Facts

Always made with organic fruits and herbs and available in 3 flavors. It makes for the perfect pre-workout drink, mid-day slump solution or anytime you need a qiuck boost of natural energy. 

Approximately value per serving 30g

Caffeine: 120mg
Calories: Less than 10
Sugar: 1 grams
Carbs: Less than 2 grams

All Good, No Guilt

TAMA vs the Other Guys

50% OFF: $14.99 

Keto | Low Sugar | Vegan

Vareity Pack includes 12 cans with 4 flavors of each: Rosé, Mint and Ginger

Limit 1 per person. 

"I am not a coffee drinker, so Tama is a perfect alternative for the slow mornings and late nights studying. The flavors are perfectly blended, not too overpowering and not too weak like other sparkling drinks I've tasted."

About Tama Tea

Tama was created in 2015 when a group of 3 friends decided to infuse their passion for healthy living with beverages. 

Based in Wilmington, NC, Tama Tea is on a mission to create better-for-you energy drinks using organic teas, fruits, and herbs.