The Best Matcha in the world

fresh from the farm in Uji, Japan

Tama Tea Matcha Green Powder by Tama-Tea. From Uji Region of Japan. Organic, Vegan & Gluten Free Super-Food. Great for Smoothies, Lattes, Recipes & Weight Loss. JAS Organic Certified Green Tea

Matcha Green Powder

$14.98 - $27.98


Premium Matcha imported directly farmed from the Uji region in Japan. To make Matcha, tea leaves are finely milled into a powder. This highly nutritious powder is typically mixed with water to make a hot or iced drink. However, it can also be mixed in savory dishes or ice cream for a unique twist.

Serving Size
1.5oz Bag: 28 Servings
3oz Bag: 56 Servings
*Based on volume to yield 10-12 oz cup

Tasting Notes
Smooth, complex and marine with a silky finish

Tea Type
Matcha Green Powder

Caffeine Level
High: Equivalent to a cup of drip coffee or about 90-120mg caffeine

Just premium Matcha, no fillers, flavors, or 

Mix 2oz water with 1 tsp matcha.  Add 8oz of water for a light drink or add 8-10oz milk for a latte. 

Direct From the Farm

Our matcha comes straight from the farm in Uji, Japan.  Sourcing directly from the farm means you get a premium product at a significant savings since we bypass the middle man. 


Uji Matcha is considered the best in the world. Revered for it's smooth, vegetal taste, everyone deserves a taste of Uji.  


We regularly airship our matcha directly from the farm in Japan.  Unlike our competitors, it hasn't been sitting on in a warehouse for months or years.  

4 Steps to a Delicious Matcha Latte

Our matcha has exceptional taste and texture making it suitable to serve simply with water or with milk. The finely milled powder also pack a flavorful punch when  used in desserts and main dishes.

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